Terms and Conditions

Right Removals Terms and Conditions.


Here you will find information which you should read before booking the service because after clicking the button “BOOK NOW” you accept all our Terms and Conditions, and all confirmed orders are subject to the Terms and Conditions.


All our vans are equipped with trolleys, blankets, straps, bungee cords, tracking, sat-nav.

Our vans are only used to transport furniture, household items.



We offer 3 different sizes of vans, which allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers. Check the offered VAN SIZES and choose the right van size for the size of your move.

Make sure you choose the right size van for your items. Check the dimensions of the loading part of our vans we offer on our website. Please note that sometimes we can send a larger van, but we will allow the cargo space to match the van you ordered unless you want to change the size of the van to order a larger loading space.


We do removals in London, as well as from London to every other city in the UK and from every city in the UK to London.

By making a quote on our website you’ll immediately see a detailed quote online on our website showing the costs for all factors affecting the price, and your quote will be also sent to the email address you provided on the form.

All fees are included in the quote based on selected order details. The price may change only if the order details differ with the information provided by the customer when quoting on our website in the online quote form or if the service is prolonged or additional loading is needed.

The online quote is influenced by: van size, the number of helpers, distance (if the distance does not exceed 10 miles we do not charge for the distance if the distance exceeds 10 miles we charge for the full distance £ 1.5 per mile), the number of floors if there is no elevator in the building, toll zone in Central London – Congestion Charge Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone (if one of the addresses is in the toll zone).

The booking price includes one full load of requested van size (from point A to B or A – B – C – D – E…), if more than one load of the full van is required, then for each additional load we charge an additional fee (equivalent to one hour on top of the price) plus distance and time if the move takes longer.

If you order one helper, it means that the driver assists with loading and unloading. Please consider ordering two helpers if the items you transport are too heavy or too large to carry, or there are more than 2 floors without a lift.

Please consider that when ordering one helper, where there are large and heavy objects and the client wants to help in carrying, our staff has the right to refuse to carry with the client for the safety reason of the customer and our staff.

When you order one helper, we can send 2 people, but only one helper will assist in loading according to the order unless you want to order an additional helper.

If the order exceeds the ordered time, we charge fees in 30-minute blocks, however, whether we can stay longer depends on how much time we have to reach the next client. Therefore, we ask you to estimate the loading and unloading time as accurately as possible and do not underestimate the time needed for moving.

We do not charge you if you want to travel in a van from the place where you are moving from to the destination of your move. Only one passenger can travel in a van only if there is a passenger seat available in the van. If you want to travel in a van, please indicate this when booking. However please note that we cannot guarantee that there will always be room for a passenger, as we are not a company transporting customers but customers’ property, so please arrange alternative transport for yourself in case.

If there is no elevator in operation in the place you are moving from or moving into, we charge floor fees (£ 5 / hour for each floor per person), if there is an elevator we do not charge such a fee. To avoid these costs, you can take all your items on the ground floor and then you don’t have to pay for the floors.


If you want to make changes in your quotation details, such as changing the date, time, van size, the number of helpers or addresses, you need to make a new quote on our website, as we can’t do any changes in your quotation.

If you have already booked the service on our website and want to make changes to your order, please use our CONTACT FORM or via email or SMS including your order number or call our office and have your order number in hand.

Please DO NOT leave information about changing your order details on our voicemail, as this form will not be accepted by us.


If you want to cancel your booking, please make sure to inform us in writing using the CONTACT FORM on our website and selecting the subject of the message “Cancel order” or by sending an SMS with the reservation number attached.

Please do NOT leave cancellation information on our voicemail, as this form of cancellation will not be accepted.

Remember that by canceling the order at least 48 hours in advance from the date of moving you get a full refund, otherwise if you inform us in less than 48 hours there is a cancellation fee (cancellation fee = 30% of the total price of your move).


We accept payment methods such as Card Payments (online only), Cash, Bank transfers.

Please note when you book online we require at least 30% deposit or full payment, to confirm your reservation. If we do not receive a 30% deposit payment or the full amount, we will not be able to confirm your reservation.

If you pay 30%, the remaining amount should be paid before unloading the van. Remember to settle your payment before unloading the van, because late payments will delay unloading, which can increase the total working time you pay for. Working time is counted from the arrival of the driver/the start of the move to the end of unloading/the end of work.

If the work takes longer, the price is updated by the driver and the customer gets updates with a link to make the payment – via SMS and email.


We have Public & Employees Liability insurance up to £ 1,000,000.

All our vans have Goods In Transit insurance up to £ 10,000. On our website, you choose the amount you want to insure your property.

The “Goods In Transit” insurance is only valid if you complete the INVENTORY LIST form – that is, a list of all items you transport and their value. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange additional insurance on their own if insurance is required for a higher amount than we offer.

If you do not need a packaging service, make sure that you secure and prepare everything for transport to avoid damage.

Our insurer will not cover any losses if your property was unsecured or improperly secured and not prepared for transport, and the customer’s wish was not to secure the property in order to save on time and on moving costs.

If you notice any damage, please contact our office before the end of our team’s work and before they leave, so we can verify the damage for insurance purposes. Remember that if you do not report damage before our team leaves, we are not responsible for any damage.

Please ensure that the van is empty and all items are unloaded before our team leaves your property. If we find unloaded items, we will inform our customers about it, but it will be the customer’s responsibility to collect the item from our office.

We advise against participation and removal assistance. If family or friends are involved in moving house, we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused during the move.


If you need help with packing / unpacking personal items, of course, we will help without additional costs, the same hourly rate will still apply.

Remember to estimate the time needed to pack / unpack the property as accurately as possible and to include this time when making a quote and booking form on our website.

If you are packing boxes on your own please do not overload the cardboard boxes and make the weight not heavier than 20-25 kg, if the cardboard boxes are overloaded, our team has the right to ask you to repack the boxes.


Remember, if you need Packing Materials, please order them separately on our website, as they are not included in the price.

If you need a packaging service and you want Packing Materials to be delivered on the day of your move, and you are not sure how many Packing Materials you will need, you can overestimate your order without making the payment because on the day of your move you’ll be charged only for the amount of used Packing Materials.


If you need help with assembling / disassembling furniture, we will of course help without additional costs, it will still be the same hourly rate.

Remember to estimate the time needed to assemble / disassemble the furniture as accurately as possible and to take this time into account when making a quote and booking on our site.

Our crew has standard tools to help you unfold furniture, but if you need specialized tools, please make them available on the day of moving.


Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange the parking space and parking permit for the van. If parking restrictions exist, a parking permit must be provided.

Click on the link PARKING IN LONDON to learn more about how to organise a parking permit.

If you will not provide the parking permit for our vehicle then, our driver may ask for a deposit of 65 GBP + VAT for a potential fine. If we do not receive a penalty ticket by a letter from your Council within six weeks, we will refund the deposit paid for the penalty ticket. If we receive a ticket, we will send you photos to your email to confirm.


Fuel charges for the route are included in the price.

Our clients do not cover the cost of our travel to the customer’s address, nor do they cover the cost of return.

Working time is counted from the time we start work (arrival) to time we finish the work.

Please note that we provide our services up to the fourth floor if there is no elevator and charge for flooring is included in price when you select on the booking form.

We do not charge distance if you move within a 10-mile radius.


Packaging materials are not included, if you need packaging materials, please order them separately.

Parking fees, fines, toll motorway fees, ferry fees – are not included in the price.

If the distance does not exceed 10 miles, we do not charge for the distance, if the distance exceeds 10 miles, we will charge for the full distance of £ 1.5 / mile. (The routes will be made according to the recommendations of our Sat-Nav, unless you request a specific route)

The fee for the Paid Zone in Central London – Congestion Charge Zone – applies from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 18:00 (£ 11.50 + Vat). Click CONGESTION CHARGE ZONE to check if your address is in the Congestion Charge Zone.

The fee for the Paid Exhaust Zone in Central London – ULEZ- Ultra Low Emission Zone – the same zone as Congestion Charge – applies 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (£ 12.50 + Vat). Click ULTRA LOW EMISSION ZONE to check if your address is in the Ultra Low Emission Zone.


We do our best to be always on time, but we ask for tolerance of 1-2 hours in the event of any traffic jams or delays that we have no influence on.

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